Little promises


I feel like a little rebel when I have coffee instead of dinner. Why wouldn’t I? Especially when today is one of those days with a little promise made. It might be broken. It sure will. Because it’s tiny.

Stop listening to bad music!

Pinky swear?!


The fall


 Change is deconstructing what we know and building it to the top again. Leaf by leaf, we are stripping ourselves down and by winter we will stay naked as a newborn, ready to face spring’s yellow spikes. It is a romantic process. We first pretend to put on new clothes, mesmerize others with the rich red on our lips, make heads turn with this golden seamless dress that sings a song of pain and hope. We love it. We hate it. We’ve been waiting for it. We can not blink, as this seductive slow show will pull the curtain in an instant and we will see nothing. But we will feel. Our yellow-pink fingers will constantly fight their icy cast, our eyes will take in bravely all the windy arrows and we will resist the enchanting  dance of the white fairies, because our core will have all our inside to enjoy on. This colorful parade is here just to give us a taste on the fascinating burst of painted rays within.

Summer needs to stay in

I bought a big bunch of lavender from an old lady standing in Batistei corner to N. Balcescu st. She was very nice and I wanted lavender. A lot. A couple years ago, I considered it a very aggressive bush :)) It was hard for me to imagine how people in   Provence, France could live there, because of the strong odor. Then, I don’t know why, I started to like it. More and more. Now it finds a place in almost each room, in the office, in the jewelry  i make.  This is a small wall rug i built with it today. 🙂

Camera 360

Camera 360